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A table lamp is a small lamp that is usually placed on a table. These lamps have several functions which all depend on the preference of the user. It can be used to perform tasks where desk light is important such as reading. It can also be used for decorative and accent purposes. The intended use of the lamp is important for deciding the particular one to buy.

Wong Lighting is one of the foremost table lamp suppliers in Malaysia. We specialize in all types of table lamps available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. If you intend to get a table lamp in Malaysia, we have one that is right for you.

Personalized Lamps

As one of the leading table lamp suppliers, we know it is important that all of our products connect with the personality of the person or the room. With our catalogue of table lamps in Malaysia, we have something for everyone whether it be industrial or art d├ęcor, classic or modern, the choice is yours.

Available in Different Sizes

When designing a room, one of the most important factors is proportion so when choosing a table lamp for your room the right size can ruin the whole design. We offer different sizes for our table lamps so the one ideal for your room size is available.

Material Selection

Our table lamps are available in metal, brass, resin, and alabaster. This gives customers a choice to suit their styles.

If you require a table lamp, give us a call today.

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