CLIG range of products is laser-focused to deliver “Quality Without Compromise”. We aim for CLIG to become a brand with impressions found in every Malaysian household by:

  • pricing our products competitively but not cheaply
  • covering our products with our extended warranty
  • offering a 7 days return policy

Aesthetic Collection

Aluminium LED Extrusion Profiles

LED extrusions complete the installation of LED strips with:
  • a sleek and finished look
  • protection from contact damage
  • its superior thermal management properties to extend the lifespan of the strips

Functional Collection


Our bulbs are designed with one and ONLY one purpose in mind Рaffordability, being competitively priced. Yet being affordable, we do not compromise functionality and reliability.

Lighting Collection

Ceiling, Downlights and Spotlights

CLIG lighting collection prioritises functionality. Its comprehensive range of products will definitely fit every customers’ needs to fill their homes with quality yet affordable lighting solutions.