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A pendant light is a light fixture hanging down from the ceiling by a metal rod, cord, or chain. Pendant lights can come in various designs that help in beautifying your home.

Wong Lighting is one of the foremost pendant light suppliers in Malaysia and we pride ourselves in providing the best quality and variation to our customers. If you require a pendant light Malaysia, you can always count on us to deliver quality products. Some of the benefits of purchasing your pendant lights from us include:


Whether you need it for use in a kitchen, parlor or even bathroom, you can get the best pendant light Malaysia has to offer at an affordable price. Our products vary in sizes and materials they are made of; it all depends on the preferences of customer.

Top-notch quality

We are different from other pendant light suppliers because we pay a lot of attention in our selection of pendant lights for sale. You can also be rest assured that the products purchased from us are carefully selected and will not fail you.

If you are interested in getting pendant lights, do not hesitate to contact us for durable and long-lasting solutions for your lighting design needs.

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