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High-Quality LED
Strips in Malaysia

The use of Flexible Led Strips is rapidly increasing in modern lighting design. Lighting consultants and architects embrace Led strips into their designs. Improved efficacy, color options, size options and easy installation are few reasons why they are liked.

Eluminuz Flexible Led Strips distributed by Wong Lighting is one of the leading Flexible Led Strips in Malaysia. Eluminuz Flexible Led Strips are of high-performance and quality.

High Quality

High efficacy per wattage, high quality printed circuit board and resistors allows us to offer 2-3 years warranty for our Flexible LED Strips

Color Consistency

Color consistency is one of the main factor when choosing LED strip. With self-owned component factory for LED, supplier has full control over LED quality and binning consistency.

Reliable Long Life LEDs

Eluminuz Flexible Led Strips are proven to have up to 83,000hours lifetime.

Wide Product Options

SMD Led of 2835, 5050, 3528, 12V and 24V, Indoor and Outdoor applications, are options available for various applications.

Strict Quality Control & Test

Eluminuz Flexible Led Strips meet many different international standards such as UL, CE, GS, ETL, RoHS, REACH, FCC and approved by accredited labs such as SGS and TUV

We have successfully applied our strips to building facades, swimming pools, wine cellars, signage boards, refrigerators, snow play, arcades to name a few. In the applications, our Aluminium Profiles are paired with our Flexible Led Strips.

Aluminium Profiles whether recessed, surface, angled are mostly applied to furniture, under cabinets, walls, ceilings etc.

If you need a Flexible LED Strips or Aluminium Profiles supplier, we are can offer help to your project.

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