LED Ceiling Downlight

Best LED Ceiling Downlight
Supplier in Malaysia

Recessed downlights are general light fittings used to luminate areas, they are placed above, installed into the ceiling. LED products consume less power than other conventional lightings which make them the preferred option. It can often be difficult to find a reliable LED ceiling downlight supplier Malaysia products that are long-lasting and that is where we come in.

If you need a LED lighting supplier Malaysia, Wong Lighting is known to provide customers with products characterized by stable performances at reasonable prices. If there are areas in your house that require additional illumination, we are one of the few LED ceiling downlight supplier Malaysia that can satisfy your needs.


As a leading LED lighting supplier Malaysia we try our best to ensure all of our LED products have long lifespan to minimize disruption to activities carried out by our customers and to make purchase of quality led downlights a worthwhile investment.

Multiple Applications

These lights can be utilized in several applications, for homes and commercial applications.

Trusted Quality

All of the LED lights sold by Wong lighting come with warranty and are easy to install and maintain.

As a LED light bulb supplier Malaysia , we understand that reliable lamp bulbs are crucial, especially when light fittings are installed at high ceilings. Changing bulbs at high area can be costly and troublesome