Copper Busbar Supplier Malaysia

Wong Electrical, one of the leading suppliers of electrical building appliances and accessories in Malaysia, supplies an assortment of the copper busbar – unassuming strip or bar of copper commonly found within a switchboard, distribution board, substation, battery bank, or other electrical apparatus, with a crucial role of conducting substantial current of electricity. While there are other busbar materials around, such as aluminium and brass, we chose to supply copper ones as the material has the best balance in terms of electrical conductivity, tensile strength, ductility, creep resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, solderability, and ease of installation.

All copper busbars supplied at Wong Electrical are engineered to be safe, reliable and with long service lifetimes, with various dimensions available to meet requirements of different ampacities, as well as meeting International Standards such as IEC 60439-1, IEC 60439-2, IEC 60529, BS 159, BS 1432, BS 1433.